Thursday, December 23, 2010

London Day 1:

Day 1 Jan 22-23 2010:

We flew out today from Ottawa Itnl. with no lines and no problems at security. Both of us had fitful sleeps on the plane but arrived excited and alert in London this morning (23rd). Surprisingly, there was literally around 5 people in line as customs at Heathrow and we were checked in and had our baggage within 20 minutes. Our friend Alisha met us at the airport to a happy reunion. We took the Tube and cabbed to Alisha's lively little apartment in the Battersea area of London. Went to lunch and grocery shopping with Alisha. Dan and I are both taken aback by the amount and beauty of the cute row houses and 19th century office buildings.She then cooked us a lovely supper which we shared with our friend Catherine and her beau Monty, who we met for the first time. He passed the Dan shock test ie. didn't run away frightened! Dinner included (and was followed by!) much wine, laughter and stories. The lovely dinner was cooked by the lovely Alisha. Winding down the night now with some British TV and reflections while looking over the Thames by night. So much history concentrated on one narrow's overwhelming. Busy day tomorrow, lunch with Catherine and Monty at a local pub, Christmas carol service at St. Paul's Cathedral, Christmas dinner with the gang, then going to see Monty and Catherine perform at another local pub. While in the cab driving to Alisha's on the opposite of the road I was scared several times thinking we were about to crash! Hopefully, I'll get used to that.

More to Come!


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