Sunday, December 26, 2010

London Day 2-3

Dec 24-25:

These two days have flown by. I don't think I can even recall everything that's happened. Had a wonderful night Christmas eve watching Catherine and Monty perform. Met lots of amazing people, most of them not British actually. It seems all the other colonials hang out together! At the pub on Christmas eve I met the British Vicky was seriously creepy. We're going to a gay club with her on Thursday...are we shocked? So much more has happened, pubs, lunches, walks, getting scared by opposite traffic, Christmas eve on the 9th floor of a beautiful condo overlooking the Thames...with an all Canadian group + 1 New Zealander. Rush rush, we're off to Herrod's to look for sales....more importantly I'm looking for a tweed cap! Alisha and Catherine gave me a sweet book on London, argyle socks and a tweed tie for Christmas! Must run, more later!


Local's amazing

Thames at low tide..Vauxhall Bridge to the right