Wednesday, September 8, 2010

National Post on Tommy Douglas and...Jack Bauer?...worst article ever!

In connection to my last post, I happened to glance at the National Post today in a corner store and noticed there was an article on the soon-to-be unveiled Tommy Douglas statue. When I got home I looked up the paper online (because...really, who actually buys the paper anymore?) and found a candidate for the worst newspaper article of the year! On the front page of the Post (yes, you read that right, the front page) with two huge pictures of Tommy Douglas and Keifer Sutherland is a critique of current political issues from the perspective of....wait for it...Jack Bauer, the fictional Fox TV character of "24". Sure, I can see doing an article on what Keifer thinks about the issues, showing the evolution of the family and differences time has made but honestly, what the hell does Jack Bauer have to do with the perspectives of Tommy Douglas or current Canadian political issues for that matter!

Sure, the article is cheeky and I'm not saying it doesn't have a place in the paper or is useless but honestly, does it really deserve to be front page news and be the only article on the Douglas statue? Seems demeaning to me...but maybe it's supposed to the National Post is a rather conservative paper. I still would have expected more respect even from a conservative paper. Hopefully they'll have a more tasteful article on Friday on the unveiling...but I'm going to assume we can read about it on page c-12.

I know it's only a comment article and not a news article...but it's still useless and rather inappropriate. In the Post's weak defense I will note that they do mention Douglas as a "Canadian political icon".

Be annoyed!

random uni student