Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tommy Douglas statue...Tommy says nay!

So, CBC tells me (thanks to my partner for passing on the Tweet!) that a statue of Tommy Douglas will be unveiled in Weyburn Sask. (what can be considered his home town and his constituency as Premier) by his grandson Keifer Sutherland, best known for his role in Fox TV's series '24'. It seems that acting runs in the family as he's the son of Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland and Tommy himself was an actor in his early years I believe).

I love the idea of a Douglas statue but, while it's placement in Weyburn is fitting and appropriate, as a central Canadian federalist I'd prefer it on Parliament Hill! But, I don't think Tommy would be too wild about the statue and as soon as I find my source I can tell you why! (I...um..may have left the book in a friends car).

Going on without my source, my feeling is that Tommy would have thought of himself as part of a movement, not the head of a party. His work was that of the movement and not, necessarily, for political or personal gain. To him, I believe, the movement, the ideals and the successes should be recognized, not the leaders. But, that's just my feeling.

More to come!

random uni student