Friday, September 3, 2010

Ash cloud and dry conditions reveals ancient crop marks in the UK....neat

Neat, the recent ash could that grounded planes across the globe and dry summer conditions in Britain coincided and have revealed unknown ancient archaeological sites in the UK via aerial reconnaissance...see the links below...


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Great blog post from Andrew Smith..."How the Iraq War Weakened the USA: Lessons for Canada"

Check out this recent article in Andrew Smith's blog. Though it seems a but shallow in places, which I believe is just due to the nature of blogs, it's an excellent article that makes some very poignant connections. Something to muse on.

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Technology killed the history star? cont.

In connection to an earlier post, here's a blog post from a British rail way historian I found that provides more anecdotal info on the subject of the affects of technology on historical research.


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Googling the Future

There is a plethora of debate and writing on Google but here's a few sources that deal with Google in its modern and possible future impacts and contexts...

An interesting article on Google and its future impacts from the NY Times by William Gibson, the author of the forthcoming novel “Zero History.”. Too much info and quotations there for me to not write a 3 page blog post so I'll just post the article and welcome any discussion via the Comments on specific points.

Here's another good article on Google in relation to the above by Daniel J. Solove in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The later article is from a larger collection of articles from various experts and disciplines from the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled,

"What's the Big Idea? For the 10th-anniversary issue of The Chronicle Review, we asked scholars and illustrators to answer this question: What will be the defining idea of the coming decade, and why?"


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