Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tim Horton's Canadian Again....wait....nm

So I heard on the CBC this morning that Tim Horton's has registered to and became Canadian based again. We were all a little perturbed when Tim Hortons became a an American company. This sounds like good news right? This sounded great to me to until I began to question that the company still might be american owned...and I'm right. I have nothing solid to go on because I havn't researched it and the only news report I did find was the news about the registration and not the finalization (which should come out within the day online)but I did find this as a comment on the story,

"What a bunch of crap. Its still isn't 'Canadian', its still owed by a US corporation, moving the head office to Canada DOESN'T make it Canadian. Wendy's parent company still owns it.

Countrystyle and Second Cup ARE Canadian.

Submitted by rroarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at 7:32 PM Monday, June 29 2009"

Canadian IN NAME ONLY! Fake nationalism. I do hope though that the food gets back to the quality (less fast food and more restaurant style) it was before it was sold to the US company...but I doubt it.

The story from June can be found here as well as on the CBC website.

Random University Student