Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bathroom Graffiti Project

Two things:

One, lately there's been some discussion amongst people I know about the anonymity of internet and how it allows people to say what they want without fear of consequences. This same principle applies for bathroom stall graffiti and messages, which have always fascinated me - especially when conversations are carried on. There's everything from Bible quotes to racist comments and from philosophical sayings to fart jokes...there's quite a variety of thoughtful ponderings, shocking confessions,rude comments exchanges, toilet humour (pun INTENDED!)etc. Why is it that the walls of a public toilet offer us a secluded solace where we fear little to no consequences for what we write?

Two, I've often pondered how interesting it would be to undertake a project of documenting and analyzing messages and conversations that one finds on bathroom stalls and above urinals.

Well...look's like someone's already thought of the idea...


and also...



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