Sunday, June 13, 2010

Help!? Book Decisions!

So, as usual I have way too many books on my to-read list and I've decided to throw a few out there and let my readers (all 4 of you I'm sure) to choose my next read for me. Please post your choice via a comment. I'll read the one with the most votes and then write a general review when I'm finished. Also, when I get it and see how dense it is I'll post choices for a timeline for me to finish it that everyone can vote on as well.

Indecisive much? I think yes.

1. Breaking the spell : religion as a natural phenomenon
Daniel C. Dennett.2006.

2.National dreams : myth, memory, and Canadian history
Daniel Francis.1997.

3.The ascent of money : a financial history of the world
Niall Ferguson.2008.

4.The Aryan Jesus : Christian theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany
Susannah Heschel.2008.

5.Private history in public : exhibition and the settings of everyday life
Tammy S. Gordon. 2010.

6.Boys in the pits : child labour in coal mines
Robert McIntosh. 2000.

7.Kiss the kids for dad, don't forget to write : the wartime letters of George Timmins, 1916-18.
edited by Y.A. Bennett. 2009.

8.Canadas of the mind : the making and unmaking of Canadian nationalisms in the twentieth century. edited by Norman Hillmer and Adam Chapnick.2007

9. The Lord for the body : religion, medicine, and Protestant faith healing in Canada, 1880-1930. James Opp. 2005.

10. Books on fire : the destruction of libraries throughout history / Lucien X. Polastron ; translated by Jon E. Graham.2007.


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